Identity Resolution

+ Behavioral Data
= Unparalleled Insight

Understanding The Buyers Journey of your customers

Everyday, consumers perform hundreds of behaviors that map out a path to purchase. Behaviors that leave quantifiable proof that they’re currently in the market and Ready to buy what you sell.
ConsumerTelligence’s proprietary algorithms collects and analyzes over 50 billion behaviors every day from over 250 million real people in order to identify consumers who are in the market and ready now.

The Competitive Advantage of ConsumerTelligence

ConsumerTelligence provides InMarket data, identity resolution and advanced intent machine learning of over 50 billion behaviors daily. This deep level of insight allows companies unparalleled B2B and B2C intelligence giving them a competitive advantage.

What is Identity Resolution?


Identity Resolution is simply the connection between online behavior and a users personal identity.  This is accomplished by collecting all data points to provide marketers with a complete view of a client’s identity as well as their digital journey.  Identity Resolution enables marketers to laser target customers even if the same customer switches from being a mobile user to the desktop user. Now you can enhance the ROI of your business with this amazing technology!


Capture Essential Data

Email addresses, device ID, phone numbers, cookie data.

Behavioral Information

Obtain website visit information or purchasing data.

Determined Matches

The identity graph uses artificial intelligence to get a more determined match.

Insight Into the Buyers Journey

Set the frame, control the conversation on your terms, Multi-Touch, Multi-channel, Multi-Device.
Million Americans in our database
Million Americans in our database
Billion Behaviors tracked daily
Billion Behaviors tracked daily
Million pieces of data analyzed per second
Million pieces of data analyzed per second
Years of experience
Years of experience

Insight Services

Explore the tools that empower customer acquisition, client retention and increasing LVC.


InMarket data - know exactly and identify by name who is in the market for your products and services…


Identify nearly all of your website visitors WITHOUT an optin. Resolve the identity on the individual user level -…


PinTelligence Geolocation data services help you identify and target and reach your ideal target based on their exact location.


Speak to your best prospects. Get the full contact record of the individuals and also people within departments that…


Know before they go... Real-time alerts if your customers are considering other options allowing your retention team to act…


Leverage your first party like never before to uncover countless monetization opportunities existing within your existing customer base.
The insight to excel!

InMarket B2B Leads
delivered in real-time

Get the full record including all know emails, phone numbers, address, company size, title and more!

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