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Monthly Ad Spend That Much, & 30% Of It – Faked? OMG

“Online advertising professionals may be shocked to read recent research from Californian fraud management provider Pixalate, which claimed that up to 30% of all ad traffic is falsified. In stark contrast to previously reported estimates of ad fraud, this would imply that true ad impressions are significantly lower than commonly believed. If so, this means that many companies are potentially spending their marketing budgets on adverts which have no effect on sales, as they are never seen by real customers.” NewsBTC

Get “Paid” and “SEO” Traffic Insurance & Protect Yourself

What’s the plan, if something were to adversely affect your paid or seo traffic? I know it’s a fear. And it should be. Because, it happens all the time. It doesn’t matter how big you are. “Falling out of favour with Google’s algorithms can cost a business dearly. It happened in 2012 to Caeva O’Callaghan, of Dundalk-based O’Callaghan Insurances and (its online trading name). One day the business was coming up on page one of the Google rankings for insurance, the next it was on page seven.

Heavily Dependent On Cold Outreach, Calling Or Emailing?

Is your future heavily dependent on cold calling or cold emailing? Put your sales team in front of people that have spent their time researching, investigating, comparing your products and services against the competition. You no longer have to burn through sales reps by wasting their time forcing them to make their living from soul crushing cold calling.

Getting More Profit From Your Entire Marketplace

You’re in the customer experience business.  Hopefully you’re gathering so much data about your visitors and using it to give your customers more of what they want, and less of what they don’t.  With the technology available today you shouldn’t make the mistake of pursuing a universal approach across channels when adjustments are necessary based […]

The Buyers Journey Revealed

One of the biggest problems we hear from Private Charter Companies is the amount of unqualified leads & tire kickers that often lead to burning through sales reps. By understanding the buyers journey, and being able to identify your best prospects by name, ConsumerTelligence helps eliminate the tire kickers allowing your sales teams to focus on more qualified prospects.
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