Get More Sales Ready Conversations

Why is your ideal client interested in your solution? Having a true understanding of your ideal client allows you to take them where they want to go, as opposed to where they are. With that understanding you can hone in on what that client will achieve by engaging with your content? It's about where they want to be, not where they are.

Continuing The Status Quo At Your Own Peril?

You run a successful company.  The tools and strategies that got you here now might not keep you here. The world is changing. Technology is changing, are you?  Here's the dilemma that should be keeping you up at night. You're an established company and you certainly don't want to disrupt existing customer relationships.

Increase The Amount of Your Sales & Re-Purchases

"Identity is a competitive advantage today. It lets you glean significant insights, segment and target effectively, execute with precision, and measure with accuracy. Resolving customer identity requires a holistic cross-browser, cross channel and cross-device approach to connect individuals to more persistent identifiers like device identification. 

Monthly Ad Spend That Much, & 30% Of It – Faked? OMG

“Online advertising professionals may be shocked to read recent research from Californian fraud management provider Pixalate, which claimed that up to 30% of all ad traffic is falsified. In stark contrast to previously reported estimates of ad fraud, this would imply that true ad impressions are significantly lower than commonly believed. If so, this means that many companies are potentially spending their marketing budgets on adverts which have no effect on sales, as they are never seen by real customers.” NewsBTC

Get “Paid” and “SEO” Traffic Insurance & Protect Yourself

What’s the plan, if something were to adversely affect your paid or seo traffic? I know it’s a fear. And it should be. Because, it happens all the time. It doesn’t matter how big you are. “Falling out of favour with Google’s algorithms can cost a business dearly. It happened in 2012 to Caeva O’Callaghan, of Dundalk-based O’Callaghan Insurances and (its online trading name). One day the business was coming up on page one of the Google rankings for insurance, the next it was on page seven.