Competing with Department & Specialty Stores, Amazon Etc

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1593355212509{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Use id resolution to level the playing field with companies like Amazon, Ebay, department and big box stores. 

Here’s why.

The only way to have perfect timing is to always be engaging with that customer across channel and device.

That way when the occasion happens and they’re ready to make a purchase you’re the last ad seen and you’ve already developed a relationship with that buyer. 

In order to get a “yes” online you need to be in a relationship and top of mind.

You can’t do that if you don’t know whom you’re marketing too.

It’s the only way you can compete with Amazon.. You can bet Amazon has a relationship with them already. The Department Store has a relationship already. Your customers are already in the Big Box store.

You need to be in a relationship with that buyer if you expect to have any chance of competing. 

Before the only companies that had the technology to make that happen online was Google, Facebook (Instagram) and Amazon. Their BIG advantage was knowing whom to advertise to. That information was so powerful and proprietary advertisers like yourself had to continually rent that information from them. Without it you needed a giant budget. You had to advertise to the masses to fight over the 3% of the market that was actually pursuing a purchase.

Not any more.

Now you can identify the anonymous visitors they’ve been showing your ads to. 

Now you can reach out to your web visitors on any platform that would be the most effective.

  • Did you know that, when you know who it is, you can show a cable TV ad just to that person for as low as $33 cpm.
  • Did you know you could send them a radio spot just to that individual?
  • You already know you can retarget them across the internet. (I know companies retargeting for as low as $0.30 per thousand impressions.)
  • You can email them.
  • You can direct mail that individual.
  • You can reach out by message or text.

In other words with id resolution and machine-learning, you can learn to predict just like Amazon.

And, you can meet your customers wherever they are!

Now you can build the trust you need to make suggestions that grow your other product lines.

Repetition fosters familiarity. Familiarity fosters trust. Trust creates larger purchases.

Now you can deliver the same exceptional shopping experience they get from companies like Amazon.

Let’s face it the reason branded merchandise sells so well is the massive amount of advertising that was spent to build that brand.

Well ID resolution allows you to do the same thing for pennies on the dollar.

Now you can turn one-time shoppers into lifelong, loyal customers.

Just by making the right suggestions at the right time to the right people.

Retailers need to turn to technology to enable them to be competitive and to survive the changing tide of the marketplace.” mi9retail

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