Getting More Profit From Your Entire Marketplace

You’re in the customer experience business. 

Hopefully you’re gathering so much data about your visitors and using it to give your customers more of what they want, and less of what they don’t. 

With the technology available today you shouldn’t make the mistake of pursuing a universal approach across channels when adjustments are necessary based on the behavior indicated on each platform or device. 

A truly effective omni-channel marketing strategy identifies each individual and where they are in the buying cycle regardless of device or channel.. 

Stay abreast of the necessary tools to squeeze insights from your 1st party data. 

Your 1st-Party data is your acres of diamonds don’t trip over it looking for fool’s gold. 

Do more with your 1st-party data. 

These people are your closest path to profit and the most cost-effective. They’ve already experienced your value. 

Get Up To Speed On Identity Resolution is the single most important factor in achieving data-targeted precision advertising and measuring campaigns based on real-world results.” Martech 2019 

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But what about the rest of your marketplace? 

Do you do account based marketing? Are your sales reps cold calling and cold emailing to generate new business? 

Are you burning through sales reps? 

If so, it’s time for a change. 

It’s safe to maintain the status quo, until it isn’t. 

The reality is ID Resolution is here to stay. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. Machine Learning is here to stay. 

You’re either using them or they’re being used against you. 

Here’s exactly how you win. 

The company we represent owns the largest privately-owned identity graph in North America. 

They currently track over 250 million Americans by approximately 400 individual identifiers 

• That’s 4 emails per person. 

• 4 device IDs per person. 

• 50 million to 100 million clicks per month 

• 50 billion behaviors per day 

• 500+ channel relationships 

We will map and track every person in your whole B2B marketplace. For example if there’s 10,000 companies in your target market we will map and track every single person in every single company. 

Whenever their behavior indicates they are in the market for what you sell we will notify you with their full contact record. 

According to research done by Forrester 68% of the buyer’s journey is done before they reach out to a salesperson. 

This gives your sales team the competitive advantage of reaching out to customers before your competitors even knows they exist. 

Download the full contact info directly to your crm, or download them to a .csv file. 

Now that you know exactly who they are, you can frame the conversation weighted to your value proposition. 

You can nurture them any number of ways. 

You could even do cable TV on demand. You can reach out to that one individual and show him a television spot. If you wanted, you could show him ONE thousand tv spots for only $33. not that you’d need too. 

That’s better than paying $33/click for an anonymous useless cookie wouldn’t you agree? 

Or you could reach out with a radio spot just to that individual. You could do ONE thousand radio spots to that individual only, if you wanted, for $12. not that you’d need too

That’s better than $12/click for an anonymous useless cookie wouldn’t you agree? 

Or you could reach out by email for literally pennies on the dollar. 

You could retarget on Amazon, Adroll, Facebook, Instagram and Google for $.30 – $.60/thousand. 

Since you already know who it is you don’t even care if they click or not because by them absorbing all that content you’re delivering your value proposition all the time. 

The idea is to put a stop to that sales person burnout. 

You’re always top of mind. 

Now when your sales team reaches out the reception becomes much warmer 

Even Hot. 

Experience How Hot ***Link to your landing page*** 

Here’s the reality you’re going to know after the first few calls how good these leads are, and you’ll never go back to cold calling. 

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