Get Signals Not Available To Your Competitors

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1585011949586{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]First-party data is your most valuable data asset. 

First-party data is free and 100% unique to you, and it provides signals that aren’t available to your competitors. 

The sad reality is studies have shown that 98% of your website visitors leave without a form fill and never return.

These website visitors are your closest path to profit. 

This wealth of data about how and where your best prospects shop and conduct other activities, makes it possible to attract new customers and retain existing customers in a highly targeted manner at scale.

“Customers today want to be engaged with constantly, with customer-centric marketing, focused on the moments that matter engaging customers based on their needs” Marketing-Interactive 2018

“One thing is clear: Advertisers need solutions that allow them to speak directly to what consumers want without relying on third-party data.” Forbes 2019

“Marketers will be hearing more and more about identity resolution in 2019 because it’s crucial to building cohesive and effective marketing and advertising campaigns. ” Martech Advisor 2019

How are you profiting from your 1st-Party data?

Here’s some strategies you might want to consider. 

Use the world’s most powerful social media and search engine brands to create look-a-like audiences mirroring your website visitors using a combination of behavior and demographics.

By uploading your 1st-Party data to Google or Facebook for example and asking for a lookalike, these powerful brands will use your first-party data to create a larger audience of their users who match the behaviors of your website visitors. You can create lookalike audiences on platforms such as:

  • Google/YouTube via Similar Audiences
  • Facebook/Instagram via Lookalike Audiences
  • Twitter via Tailored Audiences
  • Amazon via Advertiser Audiences
  • LinkedIn via Matched Audiences

You just grew your target audience exponentially of people most likely to be interested in your value. 

With website visitor id resolution you can grow an InMarket audience 10x – 20x faster than with any other method, such as relying on form-fills or opt-ins.

Remember every time you grow your 1st-Party data you multiply the ways to monetize it. For example:

  • Find new customers for your own products or services. 
  • Strategic partnerships to promote their products and services for a percentage of revenue. 
  • Rent your Lookalike audiences for use by other companies on a per-usage basis. 
  • Promote CPA offers. 
  • License your Lookalike audiences and charge a monthly fee. 

Not to mention the fact that you can retarget by

  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Telephone
  • Text
  • Message
  • Ringless voicemail

Every single time a visitor comes to your website and just leaves (which is 98% of the time) and you didn’t get a permanent record you just wasted all this opportunity to re-engage.

Sure, you can drop a cookie and retarget those visitors; but only using a third-party’s pixel, and only within their walled garden — Google on Google’s inventory, Facebook on their inventory, etc.

It’s your 1st-Party data. Why subject it to the whims of Facebook or Google? 

You can retarget any audience when, where and how you please, across any channel and on any platform, online or off.

Thanks to Identity Resolution

Here’s what the experts are saying “The more they master their first party data, the less they’ll spend on others’ data, for dramatic cost savings in 2019, and a much more sustainable approach to customer relationships.” Kabir Shahani, CEO CDP Amperity 2018

“With in-market audiences providing a way for marketers and businesses to more accurately gauge intent, the dominance of keyword targeting could soon come to an end” Media Post Dec 2018

“Some experts believe this collision will mean the end of the keyword as early as 2019, including Aaron Levy of Elite SEM, “I believe next year will the beginning of the end for keywords as a primary search lever.” Media Post Dec 2018

“Perhaps today’s single biggest B2B buying trend is customers’ heavy use of digital channels at every stage of their buying journey even long after engaging sales reps in in-person interactions.

This trend holds equally true across millennial buyers, Gen Xers and even Baby Boomers.

As a result, suppliers must ensure consistent, simultaneous buying support and information across both digital and in-person channels at every stage of the purchase, creating for customers a seamless view of their organization, irrespective of channel” Brent Adamson, Principal Executive Adviser, Gartner

“With an ever-growing demand from consumers for personalised engagement, it is becoming increasingly important that marketers and customer experience professionals appreciate the importance of identity management as a piece of bedrock infrastructure.

Put simply, without effective identity management, there is no ‘People Based Marketing’. In fact identity management is the foundational component of concepts like cross-device identification, multi and omnichannel marketing, and the all-important ‘Single Customer View’.” which-

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