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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1598230843748{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Google plans to change the digital marketing landscape with new live and planned features according to TheMediaOnline.

One of Google’s new features is Discovery Ads. These are native ads that reoccur in many Google feeds like the Google discovery feed, YouTube, and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs. These are dynamic ads that adapt to where it displays with the ability to have multiple ad elements for testing.

Now you can leverage your first party data audiences (if you’ve identified them, of course) across multiple environments through visually appealing native ads easily.

Discovery ads are automated. 

Your team creates the ad by uploading assets, adding headline variations and other elements. Google will use machine learning technology to deliver the best combinations to your uploaded audience across the best-performing environments.

This takes the value of identifying your intent-driven web visitors to a whole new level. 

If you sell physical products like travel, experiences or food you’ll benefit because this is the first Google Search Ad type that includes a visual element. Discovery ads will include photo galleries that expand into a full-page experience. You can add them to your existing search campaigns

If you’re experienced with Google new products, you know they typically show up in the top spots and tend to get high engagement rates and high-quality Google scores. 

When you’re sending these ads to your permanent, in-market, first person data they’re expected

to do even better, significantly lowering your cost per acquisition.

Google has announced 4 major changes regarding Google conversions and the bidding process. 

Now you’ll be able to set conversions at the campaign level, They’ve developed a new smart bidding strategy that will maximize conversion value, and conversion value rules.

When you upload your identified audience you can select clear goals to the appropriate campaigns to inform conversion-based smart bidding strategies and conversion reporting.

You can make seasonal adjustments which allow you to fine-tune your campaigns based user behavior and your own promotional timetable. The maximize conversion value bidding strategy is aimed at a maximum conversion value within the set budget.

Now you’ll be able to set conversion value rules based on targeting like location, device and audience.

You just got more control over your ad spend. 

Google understands the power of ID resolution and wants to give you more value when using it. 

Google is also rolling out ‘Bumper Machine’ video ads. 

This tool automatically creates six-second bumper ads from longer form YouTube videos. Companies running three six-second ads have had 107% higher ad recall and 134% higher purchase intent than the single longer ad according to research. You no longer need to cut down your longer form videos to run bumper campaigns.

Another new tool developed to target your 1st party audience is an enhanced automatic targeting function in their display advertising.

Audience Expansion allows you to select degrees of specificity. They say there’s a special forecasting mechanism that predicts the change in ad spend, clicks, and conversions. Now you can focus on audience segments for better conversion and incrementally increase the reach while still being able to control campaign performance.

Take advantage of ID resolution and these New Google features to: 

  • Get new customers. 
  • Increase the transaction amount of your sales 
  • Increase the frequency of repurchase with machine learning and identity resolution. 

Got a complex sale? Then you need to be in a relationship before you start the sales process.

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