Get Hassle Free & Platform Agnostic For Bigger Orders

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1598230562134{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Let’s start with becoming hassle free The website: The 3 important questions your website needs to answer are:

  1. Where am I? 2. What can I do Here? 3. Why should I do it?

The questions need to be answered in the first 5-7 seconds on a page. Also the page:

  • Should have a headline that draws your prospects into the site copy.
  • Should be easy to use and become familiar with on the first visit.
  • Should be easy for users to achieve their objective through using the website.
  • Should be easy to recall the user interface and how to use it on subsequent visits
  • Should be fast. Slow, hard-to-load websites turn people off.
  • Should make the most of your 404 page. Turn your 404 page into an asset. A well- designed 404 page will try to help your prospect in returning to a positive experience.
  • Prospects should be able to get from point A (the entry point) to point B (where they want to be) as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Your fonts should be easy to read. Stay away from large sections of reverse type (light type on dark background). It’s very hard to read.

Landing pages should have one focus not divergent objectives. What is the one result you want to accomplish and test for that. 

Your pages should be optimized for your ideal customer profile to get the best experience possible.

Now let’s talk about being channel agnostic. Being channel agnostic means you take back control of your marketing dollars. You’re no longer subject to the whims of a particular search engine or social media account.

You can now reach your customers where they are and engage them in the conversations they want to have. 

Are you losing marketing dollars renting an audience for just a second or two?

“Data has become the most valuable currency in business.” City A.M.

What if you could use your marketing dollars to invest into your own audience, “According to a Salesforce and LinkedIn study, the average B2B company has a database of 50,000 individuals and spends an average of $150 to acquire a single email address This means the email database (the owned audience) alone is worth $7.5 million, likely making it the largest asset under a marketer’s control, and possibly the company’s largest asset.” Arnie Kuenn 2018 Content Marketing Verticle Measures

With identity resolution you have the ability to meet your customers where they are regardless of channel.

When you know who they are you’re no longer limited in the ways you can reach out to customers.

You can retarget them by email, direct mail, text messaging, telemarketing and on whatever platform you desire.

Google ppc getting out of reach? Not your problem because with ID resolution you can still reach out to these customers.

Search engine algorythms change? 

Not your problem you know whom you’re marketing to and you don’t need Google’s permission to do it.

Using ID resolution and your own permanent data, you’re well on your way to building a significant asset for your organization.

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