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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1585670762740{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Identity is a competitive advantage today. It lets you glean significant insights, segment and target effectively, execute with precision, and measure with accuracy. Resolving customer identity requires a holistic cross-browser, cross channel and cross-device approach to connect individuals to more persistent identifiers like device identification. 

Cross-device identification is crucial to understand customers and get a unified customer view to target them effectively and push out relevant content and experiences.” Martechadvisor 

Now you can use a Probabilistic Approach and a Deterministic Approach to get far more accurate and scalable.

Use ID resolution and machine-learning to evaluate the probability that two different devices belong to the same individual by a series of data such as IP addresses, location, and personal markers such as age, browser type, OS version, etc.

This strategy relies on probable assumptions about an individual. When you combine that with our Identity Graph, you include a customer’s known data such as email id, social logins, APP ID, customer reference number, etc. to match that individual to a series of devices. Now you have an exact match. 

With better customer identity resolution, you’ll see significant improvements in the following areas:

Multi-touch Attribution When you know whom it is, you get insight into the buyer journey, and easily see the most effective channels, the ads the customer engaged, and what drove them to order.

Personalized Conversations create deeper relationships with site visitors. By connecting identities across devices you deliver personalized content and messages to your customers, which improves brand value and customer loyalty.

Customer Retention When you can identify customers at risk before the phone call you can significantly reduce churn.

Recommendations and Repeat Purchases Once a customer’s identity is resolved across devices, you can tailor recommendations for similar products. Use it to increase the transaction amount of your sales and the frequency of repurchase.

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