Marketing Works Better When You Give Them What They Want

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  1. Use identity resolution to change the game. Three pieces of information connect you to your data:
  • persistent identifier,
  • email address,
  • advertiser ID cookie.

You only need one of those data points to get the other two, now you can market more directly to the consumer than ever before.

  1. Meet your Customers where they are. It’s no longer about reaching the largest possible number of people. It’s about surrounding your target audience with your message wherever they are.

Create engagement at various times of the day, in a variety of settings, using various media.

Stop appearing to your target audience like you’re the same as every other agent seeking their business.

Do that by being top of mind with your target audience when they’re ready to pull the trigger.

  1. Take advantage of Facebook’s powerful targeting. When you know who’s visiting your site you can upload that data to Facebook and ask for a look-a-like audience.

Then you can target those highly motivated prospects for literally fractions of a penny per ad view.

Only email is cheaper.

  1. Automate your marketing with machine learning. Train your machines to recognize the path to purchase most people use to buy your products. Once you’ve amassed enough “buying behavior” data you will then be able to predict who’s most likely to be your next buyer and allocate your resources appropriately.

Now you’re no longer wasting ad dollars.

  1. Retarget the person (not the cookie) by email, direct mail, ad platforms, radio and TV whenever possible.

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