Nurture Your Prospects Before You Start The Sales Process

It may be old fashion but it’s still true.

People buy from people.

They key to sales is nurturing relationships with a personal approach.

The question is how to be personal at scale?

According to the latest stats from Business2Community over 90% of media buyers increased their people-based ad buys last year.

83% of brands who have leveraged people-based marketing report that it outperforms their standard campaigns.

By combining the best of people-based marketing with real-time conversation marketers can listen to their customers and help them in the buyer’s journey with meaningful, real and genuine interactions.

Your website visitors are not just data.

  • They’re people with doubts, questions and problems.
  • They’re also your greatest probability of profit.
  • They’re your quickest path to profit
  • They’re the best use of your limited resources

Time is of the essence.

Create a digital experience tailored to a particular person rather than a demographic profile.

Once they’re in your funnel they’ve entered the path to purchase.

They are actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell.

That person started their journey long before they visited your website.

And that’s the beauty of our technology, we can spot them long before your competition.

So imagine ten steps in the sales process, in the buyer’s journey, and step seven is when they visit the webpage for the company.

You and I are competing, and we both have to get them to the page, and neither one of us can get them to the page faster than seven, right?

But now, because of InMarket Targeting, you can reach them at step one in the buyers journey.

Well if you’ve started the conversation at Step One, by the time they get to interviewing the solution, you’re going to have a relationship with that person.

At the exact time a buyer decides to make a purchase 2 things are absolutely necessary to get a yes.

You must be top of mind and in a relationship with that buyer.

If you’ve nurtured a relationship that allowed you to frame the criteria for the buyer by getting there first, You Win!

So start relationships with prospects before you start the sales process.

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