B2B Leads

B2B Leads

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Client Acquisition – Qualified InMarket & InFunnel leads delivered in real time. Know precisely who is in InMarket for your products and services, when they are in the InMarket & why they are InMarket for virtually any vertical.

*Real world application – Agricultural Equipment Distributor

A $100+M farm equipment distributor in the mid west had a strong foot-hold into the larger farm market of 1,000+ acres but very little penetration into smaller acreage farms. The overall volume of equipment is much greater in the smaller acreage market.

We implemented a B2B demand insight program to identify InMarket behavior of over 1 million farmers. The farmers uploaded and matched to our identity graph and monitored for InMarket behavior indicative of the purchase of farm equipment. We then layered farmographic data to segment the farms by acreage.

Once an InMarket behavioral pattern is triggered, the distributor is notified in real-time and delivered the full-record of the lead letting them know who and when one of those farmers goes InMarket for farm equipment, what they are looking at and what competitors they are considering.

Multi-Channel 1-to-1 Engagement

Having the full contact record gives you the ability to personalize your messaging. Deliver ads where and when they are most effective, across virtually any channel. Connect via email, phone, social network direct mail or singing telegram… you decide how and when.

Data Mapping & Layering

Get granular to identify your best individual prospects within a company. Identify by title, department wide, c-level and above and more. InMarket B2B leads can be mapped and layered with specific individual demographic, firmographic, and technographic data to give you additional insight

Getting Started

Speaking to more qualified leads means closing more deals.

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