Competitive Edge…? Check!

Everyday, consumers perform hundreds of behaviors that map out a path to purchase. Behaviors that leave quantifiable proof that they’re currently in the market and Ready to buy what you sell.

ConsumerTelligence’s proprietary algorithms collects and analyzes 50 billion behaviors every day from over 250 million real people in order to identify consumers who are in the market and Ready-To-Buy now.

We identify these red-hot prospects allowing you to reach these prospects thru multiple channels including creating custom audiences to turn your marketing efforts into overdrive.

The ConsumerTelligence Identity Graph

  • 250+ Million Americans
  • 2+ emails per person
  • 2+ Device ID’s
  • 50+ Billion behaviors tacked per day
  • 500+ Channel Relationships (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon etc)

Identity Resolution + Machine Learning = Insight

Machine-learning technology analyzes the behavioral attributes appended to a user’s profile to determine which attributes are most likely to predict a user’s actions. We then find look-alike and act-alike audiences that will likely take action on your campaigns in order to improve your KPIs.

Behaviors We Monitor

Keyword search
Url navigation
Content consumption
Competitor traffic
Campaign engagement
Geo Location

InMarket vs InFunnel

InMarket leads are people already interested in your products and services but aren't aware or considering you. InFunnel leads are people who have visited your site and already considering you.


Advantages Of Being “In The Know”

  • Know exactly who, what, when & why someone is ready-to-buy now.
  • Focus valuable resources only on hot prospects.
  • Get prospects full contact info.
  • Own a permanent data record not an anonymous cookie.
  • Implement a multi-channel marketing strategy.
  • Create custom audiences.
  • Eliminate click fraud.
  • Lower first click costs up to 75%
  • No more paying for bot impressions.

Getting Started

Speaking to more qualified leads means closing more deals.

Take the next step by scheduling a no-obligation discovery and brainstorming session. We’ll show you how we find and identify your best prospects that are ready to take action now.  Click on the link below to get started.

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