Display Ads

Display Ads

The Power of Display Ads Using Behavioral Data

Virtually every time you access the internet, you will see a display ad. Display ads are a very powerful means of obtaining clicks to your website. ConsumerTelligence has the insight and tools to excel display ads through behavioral data. Your business will get laser targeted traffic which helps lead to new leads and customers.

How do we use Behavioral Data?
ConsumerTelligence’s proprietary algorithms collects and analyzes over 50 billion behaviors every day from over 250 million real people in order to identify consumers who are in the market and ready now. Our deep level of insight allows companies unparalleled B2B and B2C intelligence giving them a competitive advantage.

The Importance of Banner Ads

Banner ads provide a visual for a potential customer and are very important in getting the message across. Banner ads are often attention grabbing, have a call to action, benefit, and branding for a business. Most visitors who click on a banner ad are highly interested in what is being offered. Using behavioral data through banner ads are geared toward being highly beneficial for your business!

Getting Started

Speaking to more qualified leads means closing more deals.

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