Identify Your Website Visitors – WITHOUT and Optin

Always Know Who’s On Your Site & in your Conversion Funnel

Our Identity Resolution technology gives you full permanent control over your best prospects and quickest path to profit.

SiTelligence allows you to:

  • Resolve the personal identity of your website visitors without an opt-in on the user level NOT the IP level
  • Use that insight to turn formerly anonymous website traffic into valuable First Party Data

Segment Your Site Visitors

  • Send specific offers depending on the pages visited.
  • Run specific ad campaigns speaking to your site visitors across multiple channels.
  • Create lookalike audiences out of your site visitors.
  • Unmask the data for email, phone & direct mail campaigns

Automate Multi Touch Outreach Without An Optin

  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • SMS Text
  • Phone Call / RVM
  • Connect on Social Media

Maximize Paid Ads

Create custom audiences and lookalike audiences – No more retargeting to anonymous cookies. Know who your user is and better understand their behaviors. Upload your data directly into multiple advertising channels such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon – even streaming TV and radio!

Further monetize your data and create cross-selling partners. Use your data to identify your user in market for other products and services. (house, car, mortgage, contractor etc.)

The Result

You produce more new customers, faster and at a lower cost per acquisition (up to 75% lower!)… providing a major competitive advantage over your competition.

What We Do

We place our SMART Pixel on your website, we’re able to capture your traffic and match back the identity of your visitors. We’re also able to capture your visitors’ behaviors pre-

What You Get

Our system then sends weekly files fully customized to your business and your target customers – now you market more effectively because your message is relevant.

DFY Email Automation

Automatically email your site visitors
Fully can-spam compliant
Create multiple campaigns based on pages visited
Send nurture sequence, discounts & offers

Getting Started

Speaking to more qualified leads means closing more deals.

Take the next step by scheduling a no-obligation discovery and brainstorming session. We’ll show you how we find and identify your best prospects that are ready to take action now.  Click on the link below to get started.

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