They Left Your Site, Now What?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1590329916257{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Does a web visitor interested in your product or service usually convert on the first visit to your website?

So this particular website visitor came, and then left. now what?

What was the actual investment you made in time and revenue to get that visitor, that just left, to the product or service info page?

What’s the true cost-to-date value of that website visitor to your company?

What are you doing to protect that investment?

What are the conclusions this client must reach before he can commit to purchasing with you?

Can he learn everything he needs to know to commit on your website or will it require additional resources to make that commitment possible?

It’s obvious you’re innovating, but are you nurturing your website visitor from “Hello” to “Relationship” to “Order”?

Cultivating customer relationships takes time, patience, and an ability to anticipate your subscribers’ desires and goals before they’re even able to articulate them. This would be a tall order if you tried to handle it manually but it’s precisely what personalized automation solutions are designed to do: nurture ongoing obsession that delivers ever-increasing value throughout each customer’s lifetime.”

-Internet Retailer 2019

It all starts with having a relationship with this prospect that enables him to become a client.

Are you using all the digital resources at your disposal to build that relationship?

Customers who have an emotional relationship with a company have a 306% higher lifetime value than customers who don’t,” according to Motista research.

Or, did this potential client worth ‘God Only Knows’ to your business, to your team members, to your family, just go away like 98% of web visitors typically do?

Maybe you retargeted him using an anonymous 30 day cookie on the platform he arrived from.

That’s great, until he using another platform, email address or device.

Then what?

Gone again?

Adopting a scattershot strategy to marketing in the digital age isn’t just superfluous however mere folly. Machine learning removes the mystery from the procedure, enabling marketers to contact their group of audience with content and product offers that stand the most obvious opportunity with regards to engagement and eventually, conversions” Analytics Insight

What mix of tactics you use should vary significantly depending on the needs of your prospective client. Your marketing needs to be customer-centric not company centric.

Brands need really deep consumer insight to create a truly differentiated value proposition and then have the ability to drive the right kind of high lifetime-value consumers through digital channels.” GlobalWebIndex

Identity Resolution is the single most important factor in achieving data-targeted precision advertising and measuring campaigns based on real-world results.” Martech Advisor

When you stop using cookies and get your information directly from the source you establish more transparent data-gathering processes and protect consumer privacy.

Stop looking for instant gratification and realize that you need to create a trust with your potential audience, and that doesn’t happen instantaneously. 

To build trust, you must supply them with a lot of valuable content that entertains and educates them. Once you build a relationship with them, when you do offer them something, they are ready to buy with confidence.” Social media guru Geoff Hughes

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