View your customer’s path to purchase across all touches

To view your customer’s path to purchase across all those touches, you have to connect these consumers across these devices and channels matching the cookies, emails and phone numbers to a persistent customer ID.

Can you do that?

It takes a very robust identity graph that’s constantly updated in order to begin to accomplish a real identity resolution.

All your marketing dollars are spent converting a prospect into a customer.

Getting a clear view about a customer’s path-to-purchase journey requires a 360-degree view of all your digital marketing campaigns.

Consumers already switch among four connected devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets and with IOT customers’ cross-device habits will become even more complicated.

That means your ability to recognize and relate to them with relevancy, consistency and timeliness across all touchpoints is just getting more difficult.

To accomplish this you need data from multiple touch points.

Building a 360-degree view essentially means using all possible touch points to bring your value

proposition top of mind, creating a sustainable relationship with your consumer.

How can you know: The searches carried out, The sites visited, The posts followed and responded to, and The videos viewed, The transactions completed

The answer is an Identity Graph.

” It has been proven that a people-based approach works. Of the 92% of marketers that engage in people-based advertising, 83% of them see better results[3]” TechNative

We have one of the most robust Identity Graphs in the market today.

Our identity graph offers you a way to tie online and offline data sets across multiple platforms to a single person in order to gain a unified customer view.

Across a consumer’s journey, one or many personal identifiers may be associated with an individual:

  • email addresses,
  • a physical address,
  • mobile phone numbers,
  • device IDs,
  • account usernames,
  • customer IDs,
  • loyalty numbers and an ever-changing array of cookies picked up in browsers.

Our ID graph aggregates these identifiers and connects them to the person’s profile and any related behavioral data like browsing activity or purchase history.

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